Thursday, March 11, 2010

I heart Thirsties detergent, and How The Diapers Got Washed Three Times

My Thirsties detergent came on Monday. I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE it. Totally would marry it. If it weren't, you know, detergent.

On Monday afternoon, the wee one and I enter the house to the smell of ... poop. My whole house smelled like poop. So I gathered every single wetbag and dirty diaper in the house and trudged downstairs to do diaper laundry. I did a prewash with the Pre-wash. I did a hot wash with the Super-wash. I even managed to get a rinse in, before crashing into bed with my angel.

That was the night she didn't sleep. I slept late, shoved her into mom's arms with an "I'll call you later" and ran through my day. Tuesday evening I was just done. My mom put me into bed and I slept, so we ended up spending the night there.

Meaning ... wet diapers sat in the washer all day.

Wednesday morning, after my shower, I re-washed the diapers. And by re-washed, I mean ... I did a prewash with the Pre-wash, I did a hot wash with the Super-wash. Didn't have time to wait for the spin and turn on a rinse before the dash to work.

God love my mother. She had heard me mention that the diapers had not been dried. She did not, however, know that I had re-washed them. So she did. And by re-washed, I mean ... she did a prewash wirh the Pre-wash, and a hot wash with the Super-wash, and a rinse.

And they did make it into the dryer.

And they are REALLY clean.

I will say, the bamboo velour fitteds I have, are softer than they have been in a while. I'm waiting until she comes home from daycare today to announce the rash totally gone, but I really think this detergent and I are about to start a long term relationship. I haven't been in one of those in ... a long time.


JAMIE said...

I'm so glad it has worked well for you! You must have had the cleanest diapers on the planet after all those washes...haaa!

MommieV said...

Yes, but the rash was GONE after that, so it must have washed out whatever was in them that was irritating to her skin. I think it was divine intervention!