Tuesday, October 26, 2010

CTT: What's Your Favorite Diaper Brand?

Welcome to Cloth Tushie Tuesday! (Better late than never, I suppose!)  This week we are asking all our friends: What is your favorite diaper brand?  Be sure to go see Ms. Funky Mama Bird's post - she has some news you may be interested in.  (Hint: FREE DIAPERS.  Nuff said.)

My post today is probably going to surprise you.  I'm going to write about Flip covers.  This is my new love.  Also, this is all I have photos of.  When we wear our Thirsties diapers they have to be covered in pants, or else we end up with this:

And see that cup of juice on the floor right behind her?  That's why I have to try to keep a diaper on her if I can.

So, the Flip.  Reviewed for your pleasure recently.  But I'll tell you, this is the diaper we use all the time now.

In a Flip cover (color: Sweet) while "helping" Mommie in the kitchen.

More kitchen "helping".

I use the incredible inserts from Twinkletoes diapers, which are nice and absorbent, and also SO easy to pack in the diaper bag.

They work great with prefolds too, which I love.  There's just something about a big stack of "real" diapers that makes you feel like a momma.  Oh, the oatmeal on your pants, that too.

But of course, you know I have to talk about Thirsties too.

Thirsties Duo Wraps come in snaps.  However, they came out with these after I had way too many size Medium and Duo velcro covers (not to mention the request to review the Flip system.)  If I was cover shopping, these are the covers I would buy.  They also now make an insert with a stay-dry top so that you can do an insert-and-cover system that's just like the Flip.

I haven't even seen these in real life, so I'm now raving about a diaper that I have never even laid hands on, let alone used.  However, I use the Duo Diapers every single freaking day, since they are the workhorse of our daycare stash.  The insert to the Duo Diaper has a thin microfiber layer and a thin hemp/cotton layer snapped together.  This makes for some serious pee holding.  Since the stay-dry insert is the same with a soft cozy layer on top, I can't imagine that it wouldn't work fantastically well.

Or just buy the awesomely fantastic inserts from Twinkletoes diapers.  Those I have used, and I can tell you that they're awesome.

Takeaway: if someone bought you some Flips for a baby shower gift, keep them, they're great, you love them.  However, if you're out shopping for an insert-and-cover system, get the Thirsties.  Because, you know, leg gussets and hemp.

And don't listen to the stupid Bumgenius people who tell you leg gussets actually make diapers leak.  Seriously? 

So, what's your favorite cloth diaper brand?  Write a post, link up below, grab the button ... it's a party!

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Serifm said...

Hee hee. I KNEW that leg gussets comment would get your goat!