Friday, October 29, 2010

Halloween Candy

We now have Halloween Candy at my house, after Monday night and a Thursday night events.  (My plan is to post all the photos at once so you're not stuck with Sea Otter for 6 days straight).  By the time we make it to Sunday we may not even bother with the actual Trick or Treating through the neighborhood. 

I'm now faced with an ethical dilemma.

Do I eat my child's Halloween Candy?

She's 18 months old, most of what's in there I wouldn't give her (I'm not going to watch her choke on Sixlets).  She has had one piece at the end of each of the events, and the rest is out of her sight so I don't even know if she realizes it's still around.

I would really hate it if I went to bed and woke up and my mom had eaten all my candy.  It would totally piss me off, and it would probably make me lose trust.  I don't want that to happen over a stupid bag of candy.  But it's not stupid when you're a kid.

But she's one.

So, I have eaten the Tootsie Rolls, two small candy bars, and a York pattie.

And I totally feel guilty about eating her candy!

So ... do you eat your kid's Halloween Candy?  Do they seem to hate you for it?


Jenny said...

When E was her age, I did without reservation. Now that he is old enough to understand, I ask him and he happily shares. Go for it!

Funky Mama Bird said...

Heh. Par will be eating 90% of Gunne's candy. I'm diabetic, so I won't be touching it. And with his food allergies, I have narrowed down a short list of candy I feel is safe for him to eat. IF he receives a piece on that list, he can eat it.

Next year, we'll probably let him have anything that he can eat and my husband will consume the rest. But this year? He won't even freaking know. He's had exactly one piece of candy in his whole life, I doubt he remembers it, and if he gets one or two more on Sunday, he'll just have to accept that that was all there is. =)

Laraf123 said...

We split it 50/50. But since they have not learned how to calculate that, it ends up more like 90/10. (Seriously, it lasts a long time--you can save some for when she is a little older. You can also give it out on Sunday when your doorbell rings...

Genkicat said...

Ha, If I wasn't trying to loose a few extra pounds I would totally take the baby trick or treating, and I would absolutely eat her candy. I can't wait until next year so I can do it!

Serifm said...

It's a safety issue, really. Eat anything you think she might choke on. :-)