Saturday, October 2, 2010

How Many Wet Diapers Did You Change Today?

I had a post title in my head.

And Then I Got Peed On

I was going to tell all about our night, how she woke up with a 104 degree fever and felt hot as a pottery kiln - that's the hottest thing I could think of at 1:30 am.  How I freaked out and gave her Tylenol AND Motrin AND put her in a lukewarm bath.  How she wouldn't keep any clothes OR a diaper on, so I just put her in my bed naked and covered her with a thin muslin blanket.

The following line, of course, would be:

And then I got peed on.

Except I didn't

No pee when the sun came up, no pee a couple of hours later when we finally woke up.  No pee. 

Plus, she was lethargic.  She kept going back to sleep on me.  Which is sweet and cute.  And she was still naked, so there was the cute butt going on too.  I'm totally thinking I'm going to get peed on.  No, strike that.  I'm totally HOPING to get peed on.

I type a one-handed note to cancel plans for the zoo today.  Music class is also scratched, for obvious reasons.  She is naked, asleep on my chest, under a muslin blanket.  I know she doesn't feel well, because she NEVER lets me cover her with a blanket, unless she is already asleep when I do it.

I had already talked to the acute care people at 2 in the morning.  I had given her Tylenol and Motrin and a lukewarm bath, which had collectively brought her temperature down a whopping 0.4 degrees.  So I called them and a very chatty and laugh-y nurse tried to reassure me.

Here we were, 7 hours later, and no pee.  Less of a fever, but no pee.  I tried to give her juice and she said no and shook her head.  Then she went back to sleep on my shoulder.

So I called the acute care people again.  Apparently at a rather busy moment, because I sat on hold for a while, which rarely happens, and then I got an out-of-breath greeting.  I mentioned that I had called earlier for my daughter's high fever, and the fever was lower, but now she hadn't urinated in almost 8 hours.  She asked who our physician is, and then said that she would need to go to the ER so they could keep her hydrated.

Of course, once in a room at the hospital, she was stimulated by all the new things around her.  So she perked right up, started sucking down juice, and THANKFULLY had a wet diaper before they stuck anything in her.  She did have to have a catheter to give a urine sample, but no infection there.  (They were impressed by our use of cloth diapers.)  She had to have her throat swabbed, but no infection there.

Diagnosis was a general upper respiratory tract infection.  Treatment would be fluids, rest, and a follow-up with her doc on Monday. 

So I have been checking her diapers rather frequently to make sure they are nice and wet.  A dry one after her nap made me push more juice.  The grandparents wanted us to spend the night, but she was too hyper to sleep.  So we walked home, where she is still too hyper to sleep.  So now she's in her bed singing to herself.

But at least she's peeing.

And not on me.


Funky Mama Bird said...

I'm so glad things seem to be getting better! That's so scary - no wet diapers. We went through that in the newborn phase - wouldn't eat, wasn't peeing - so freaking scary!

I hope she's feeling completely better soon!

hopefulcc said...

So glad C is feeling better!! Yes, no pee is definitely a scary thing - as is the 104 temp... yikes. You definitely earned the SuperStar Mom award for taking such good care of your little girl !

hopefulcc said...

ps: I nominated you for the Versatile Blogger Award!