Monday, October 11, 2010

A Rave for Twinkletoes Diapers

I've bought lots of homemade diapers (usually referred to as WAHM diapers - made by a Work At Home Mom).  I've bought some that I've loved and re-purchased from those mamas, and then I bought a few that were pretty crappy.  So I got off the WAHM bandwagon for a while, and only bought more commercial brands of diapers.

My most recent purchase included the Flip and Econobum systems, which I recently reviewed for you guys.  (Um, like, in the previous post.)  I love the Flip cover (basically because of its snap closure), but I didn't love the insert, as I mentioned.

Meanwhile, I had previously purchased some narrow, thin bamboo/zorb inserts from a WAHM in Canada who seems to be out of business now.  I only have three inserts, and I use them to supplement my nighttime system.  So if I go more than three days between diaper washes (which I often do, but I don't recommend it because of The Stinkies), then I don't have enough of the nighttime inserts.

A search on Etsy led me to Vanessa at Twinkletoes Diapers.  I loved her selection, and bought several different things to try.

And I love all of them.

These are contoured bamboo zorb inserts.  They are nice and soft on both sides, and I have used them both stuffed in a pocket diaper as well as just laid into a cover.

These are my favorite!  These are suedecloth-topped bamboo/zorb inserts that I use in the Flip cover.  Nice and soft stay-dry top, nice and absorbent.

Laying in the Flip cover
Under-the-skirt action shot
 And this is the topper, the overnight bamboo/zorb insert.  This thing is hefty - not really in size, since it's really not that thick, but man does it absorb!  I haven't had the nerve yet to use it alone in the nighttime diaper, so I still use it with the Thirsties insert, but I've used it alone in a pocket during the day and it is very absorbent.

They are all very well-made products, and I highly recommend you check out her selection of inserts in her Etsy shop.


Funky Mama Bird said...

We use Twinkletoes as overnight diapers. The button photo of Gunne's butt? A twinkletoes AI2 diaper. I loooove them so much.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for such a great review!

BerryRaena said...

I love her! I just got 5 covers and 9 bamboo/zorb covers and I could not be happier! The covers are well made and the choices of prints are endless! She has GREAT customer service and she really worked with me to make exactly what I needed. I will refer her to anyone I know that needs diapers!