Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Packing The Diaper Bag for Cloth

It's Tuesday!  Time to talk Cloth Tushies!  This week our topic is:  how do you pack your diaper bag when using cloth diapers?  Do you use cloth even when out-and-about, or do you switch to disposables?

I had a hard time finding a diaper bag that I liked.  This one is even a little small for being out for a full day, but I manage.  This is how I pack if we are using prefolds and covers when going out.  If we are taking pockets, it's not much different.

In the bottom is all the crap that usually goes in a diaper bag, medicines, sunglasses, a book or two.

Next go an extra pair of babylegs, and an extra cover.  The extra cover is a must, you don't want to be stuck out somewhere with a big blowout poo and no clean cover.

I fold the prefolds in fourths, they seem to fit in better that way.  If we are doing pockets, I just stick them in.  The thing on the left is a changing pad.  Sometimes I forget, and then a diaper gets nominated to be a changing pad if I need one.

Don't forget the wet bag.  I repeat, do NOT forget the wet bag.  I use wetbags with zippers.  And your wallet, you probably don't want to forget that either.

Now, I do cheat and use disposable wipes most of the time.  If I am using cloth wipes, they get tucked in a side pocket with a spray bottle of wipes solution.  Sposie wipes are easier, so I usually go with those.

It's totally easy to go out in cloth!  What do you do?  Link up and tell us!

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Linh said...

Cute wallet/cell phone holder! :)