Thursday, August 5, 2010


Time: 8:30 am
Place: my car
Present: the wee one and me

Wee One:  DOOOOG!

Me: Is there a dog in your book?


Me:  What color is the dog?  Is it yellow?

WO: ...

Me:  Is it a blue dog?

WO: ...

Me:  Is it a red dog?

WO: ...

Me:  Is it a green dog?

WO: ...

Me:  Is it a purple dog?
WO: ...

Me: ...


Time: 8:45 am
Place: Director's Office at Daycare
Present: Director and Me

Me:  Can you tell me what is discussed with the toddlers regarding daddies and families?

Director: (pause) um, why do you ask?

Me:  Well, because I am kindof sensitive about the "daddy" thing, since I am a single mother, and I was wondering how the topic is treated with the younger children.

Director:  We try to be sensitive to all our families.  The only time it really comes up is when they make fudge for Father's Day.  That can go to an uncle or a grandpa or a family friend.

Me:  Well, she's been very interested in The Family Book recently.  She really enjoys it and wanted to bring it with her today, so I wanted to show it to you as a recommendation.  I've just been talking to her about how our family is a Mommie and a Nan and a Grandpa, so she can hear the words and get used to the idea.  I just wanted to make sure there wasn't any kind of specific activities that I needed to be aware of.

Director:  No, we're very sensitive to all our family situations.  Until they get to Pre-K.  But that's a different phase.

Me: ...
(I don't think she truly meant that they are only tolerant until they get to Pre-K, even if it did come out that way!)

Time: mid-morning
Place: hospital waiting room
Present: me, mom, my uncle, his mother-in-law

My uncle and his MIL are discussing the age of someone they both know who isn't present.

Uncle: I think he's like 77

MIL: I don't think he's that old.  His sister is younger than me.

Uncle: I really think he's like 75 or 77

MIL: Well, now, let's see, if I am (this age) and she is younger than me ...

Uncle: Maybe he's like 71 or 72

MIL:  I think you're closer there.  There's no way he's 77, but I'll give you 72.

Uncle: Well, when you're over 70, what does it matter?

Me:  I'll remind you of that when you hit 70!


lunablue said...

hahahahaha. It's really hard to say who is better at awkward conversations, kids or adults. Except kids can get away with it better...

Laraf123 said...

Definitely stick to communicating with toddlers. (But beware of the "why? to everything stage" around age 3. So, is the director saying they encourage open-mindedness only until preschool? Huh, what's that about?