Wednesday, August 4, 2010

My Hair (because that's an important topic to blog about, right?)

For many years, my hair was straight.  Board straight.  The joke was, you could hear it bend around a curling iron.

Senior picture.  Many years ago.
It was also long, usually.  There was one time that I got it cut "short", and then had a huge identity crisis.  I didn't go that "short" again for a long time.

This used to be my profile photo on Match.Com
Then, around the time that I turned 30, my hair started changing.  If I wanted it to be straight, I had to blowdry it.  Otherwise it would start to have this fuzziness around the edges when it dried.  By the end of the day (if I played with it enough), it would be oily and straight again.

Also a Match profile photo for a period of time.
A while later I noticed that if I wanted it to be straight for an evening social event, that I needed to blowdry it around a big round brush AND straighten it with a flat iron to really make it look best.

Someone please warn me the next time they want to take Division Head photos so I can do something about the 6 inches of roots I got going on.
Lots of times I tried to go with the new wavyness, but then it just looked frizzy.  So I tried curlers a time or two for a different look.

While I was pregnant with the wee one, my hair was just a friggin mess.  I wore it in a ponytail all. the. time.  Finally, I decided, it was time.  For the Mommy Haircut.

It was short.  Way short in the back.  Took me a while to get used to it.  I went back for a trim when the wee one was about 4 weeks old.  But I couldn't get used to the price the salon girl charged.
See, curly.  Baby's first bath at home.  God knows I probably hadn't bathed in days.
I went to see a family friend, and got a great cut.  Again, I went back for a trim.  The second time I didn't like it so much.  I couldn't get it to do anything I liked the day we had Wee One's first birthday photos taken.

Crazy hair.
So, back to finding a hairstylist and a hairstyle that I like, that works with minimal effort.

Then today ...

Love it.


Funky Mama Bird said...

That is adorable! What a great cut! And I hear you on the hair getting wavier as you get older. My hair got so thick and crazy while I was pregnant that I had to give myself a pixie cut and wait for it to thin out again.

hopefulcc said...

You look amazing!!

Genkicat said...

Love the hair!

Lori said...

Hot Mama

Billy said...

You look realy great!! That hair style suits you :-).