Friday, August 13, 2010

I Need Advice

So I've written recently some background about my hospital stay on bedrest when I was pregnant with the wee one.  I went to the doctor's office one morning thinking I'd have a non-stress test, get some lunch, and then come home and lounge around for the six weeks I had left until my due date.

Instead, I was put in the hospital that morning, and that is where I stayed until the wee one came three weeks later by surgical delivery.

I had been thrown two baby showers - one for family, and one for friends, folks at church, etc.  I had managed to get all the thank-you notes written.  However, in the confusion of me being hospitalized, my dad having to buy the carseat, my mom having to finish cleaning the house and getting it ready for the baby, the subsequent move into their guest room when I was still having health issues ....

The thank-you notes didn't get sent.

I found them when I was packing my apartment to move all my stuff into my parent's garage when I decided that I couldn't deal with having this baby to take care of by myself a hundred miles away from my family.  I stuffed them into a box and decided to deal with them "later".

I found them again this summer when I was working on unpacking the stuff in my garage (I bought a house last fall so I moved the stuff out of their garage and down the street to my own garage.)

The thing is, I am very appreciative of the gifts that people gave to me.  I would really like for people to know that I did take the time to write them personal little notes to thank them for the gifts.  I can't even bear the thought of just tossing them out, and they're driving me nuts sitting in a box in my garage..

I wrote a dorky little poem.  I thought I'd print it on some cute paper, and put it in an envelope with the thank-you note and send it.

This thank-you for your thoughtful gift
Was ready to be sent
But before I could get that done ...
Into the hospital I went!

A temporary move to my parents' house
Then another move right behind.
Finally, I'm unpacking,
And guess what I find?!

Please accept my sincere thanks
I just want you to know
That we are very grateful
And we loved it so!

But then a friend of mine said "Just write 'a hospitalization and two moves, and I finally found these' on the back and mail them."

So... what would you do?  Is the poem just too embarrasingly dorky to send, or is it a funny little touch?  Should I even send them at all (it is a year and a half later)??


Laraf123 said...

I would absolutely send the poem. People will understand either way, but they will really remember the poem. I think it's a GREAT personal touch!

hopefulcc said...

LOVE the poem!! I totally agree with Laraf123---it's a great touch that people will remember. And it makes for a great story!

Candace said...

Hey I found your blog through top mommy blogs.. it is so cute! I recently became a single mom when I had my little boy in July. I love reading blogs like yours so thanks!!

MommieV said...

Hi Candace, thanks for coming by. Your little guy is so cute - I left a note on your site.

Funky Mama Bird said...

I love the poem! Send the poem!