Saturday, August 28, 2010

Work In Progress

I was really hoping that tonight I would be posting fabulous and gorgeous photos of my new kitchen.

It's still in-progress, though, and I'm kinda bummed about it, so I'm not ready to celebrate just yet.

Maybe it's because my girl has been sick for a week, and I'm starting to catch it (but trying not to), and I spent all day alternately chasing her down and holding her when she fell or otherwise wasn't feeling well.  I'm just tired and bummed and going to bed early.

The guy that is doing my floor is a family friend - a very good friend of my mother's.  He is one of the very nicest people you could ever meet in this world.  Anything my mother asks of him, he will do.  Including, apparently, overbook himself with work to come do my kitchen floor.  So I'm being squeezed into all the other stuff he has going on, which is why it is taking longer than I had hoped.

On Tuesday he took out the old floor and laid the cement backer board and the tile.  Wednesday evening he came to do the grout (which finally seems to have dried).  So all my appliances have been in my living room since then, and I've been eating at my parent's.

However, the amount of MONEY he is saving me is going to be pretty substantial, so I am incredibly grateful for that.

I also told him I'm make him a steak dinner.  He has to finish my kitchen before I can do that, tho!!!

The BEFORE photo.
I guess this is really a "during" photo - this is the tile pre-grout.  Also apparent - the part of the cabinets we didn't paint :)
Close up of the tile.
Next steps - he has to finish the trim stuff, I need to clean the rest of the grout residue off the tiles, move the appliances back.  He is putting in a 220V outlet so I can replace the stove with an electric one, and then I think it will all be done.

The cleaning I should be doing now.  Instead, I'll put diapers on the extra rinse and go to bed early.


FruitFish said...

How Bee-utiful! I would love to do that to my kitchen/eat-in dining area. One day, one day :) And if I had to remove my fridge, you'd see the same cabinet side missing it's white paint ;)
Hopefully you are making that steak dinner soon.

Mom said...

I can't believe how nice this looks. Even though it is not done yet. Get some rest. I'll talk to you in the morning.

Funky Mama Bird said...

Love it! Isn't it satisfying when home renovations finally get done? We finally got our deck finished, and I painted my office over the weekend. So nice.