Monday, August 9, 2010

What Have They Done To Her?

Daycare has ruined my great little sleeper.

I spent all summer sleep training her for bedtime and for naptime.  By the end of the summer, she was taking one good nap a day, for 2 hours at least, some days a little longer.

Saturday she wouldn't go to sleep for her nap.  We did a wind-down with some Baby Einstein (her most recent compulsion) and then time for sleep in the bed.

45 minutes of screaming and crying later, I was about to give up on a nap when she finally fell asleep.

As I type this, we are hitting the 45 minute mark for today.  I am about to throw something through the freaking wall.

Our morning started with us waking up at 5 am at Nan's because I had a migraine headache at bedtime and thought my head was going to explode.  She had a blazing fever, so we did Tylenol, then nursing, then a little more sleep.  No fever when she woke up, but I'm one of those honest moms who follows the directions, and since she'd had a fever earlier in the morning, I called daycare and told them she was staying home.

She went with me to my office at the main campus to gather up the items I needed to take to my office at the other campus, where I will be teaching classes starting next week.  She was very well behaved and patient, and loved the McDonald's fries she got to eat for lunch.  She fell asleep in the car when we were almost home, so I gently put her on my shoulder to bring her in.

This we have done for months.  She stays asleep on my shoulder, she wakes slightly as she is lowered into her bed, she snuggles her feet up under her and gets comfortable, and then falls right back asleep.

Not today.  As soon as she realized she was going into her bed, kicking and screaming ensued.  She's been fine at bedtime, it's naps that have become the problem.

She's finally quiet.  55 minutes it took her to get that way.  What am I going to do?

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