Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Is Mercury in Retrograde or Something?

My current Facebook status?

I touch nothing today. Saturday, my internet went out. Sunday, my phone messed up and my fridge died. Tuesday, the fridge they brought wasn't working and a new phone has to be mailed. Today, the A/C is off in my lab, classroom, and office, and I'm roasting.

I woke up this morning to the smell of rotting food.  The fridge, that was going, going ... is gone.  It died a slow and painful death.  I knew the end was coming on Sunday, so I dutifully sprung the Wee One early from daycare on Monday, despite all the First Day Of Class to-do's that were still not done, and went to spend a thousand bucks on a new refrigerator.  I'd planned to do this once the kitchen floor was done, but the fridge would not survive until then.  Thankfully, they could do an emergency delivery on Tuesday, and the deal was done.

My mother was watching the Wee One, as she does on Tuesdays, at my house, dutifully waiting for the delivery.  They delivered a defective fridge that wouldn't come on (well, the light works, that's something) and then they left it there, which really made her mad.
Another is supposed to be coming on Thursday.  Which doesn't help the stench that I woke up to at 5am when I knew all hope was lost.  I rolled out of bed and threw away two garbage bags of food, and then put everything from the freezer that I could into a crock-pot for dinner.
I went to the T-Mobile store about the phone.  This store manager wouldn't give me any kind of upgrade (okay, I had gotten my heart set on the white MyTouch 3G and now she won't give it to me free like the guy on the phone would) but she would give me a new ROKR for free.  But it has to be shipped.  So I am muffled-phone until Monday or Tuesday.
And now I kinda want to call the guy I talked to yesterday and get the cool white smartphone for free.
Oh, ya, and I'm roasting and the thermostat in my office says 85 degrees.
I'm serious, I touch nothing else today.  Except to blog.  And tweet.  And facebook.  And ....


Laraf123 said...

I hate days (weeks) like this. It will get better soon. Maybe the fridge and phone will arrive on the same day!

FruitFish said...

Ugh and that stinks (literally ;))! So sorry you have to deal with multiple things at the same time. I guess be glad that the rotting food wasn't also in the oven hot room ;) Ewwwwwwww!

Funky Mama Bird said...

If your blog goes down today, I'll know why. =) They say things happen in threes, so maybe two dead fridges and a dead phone means you're done?