Saturday, August 7, 2010


Wee One can do all kinds of signs now. 

She can tell us when she is hungry by signing "eat":

She can say that she wants a cracker by signing "cracker":

She knows the sign for "dog" and "bird".  Well, for "bird" sometimes she just sticks her finger up her nose.  But she's good with "dog".

One of the first signs she did was "all done".  Only, it looks more like "ta da".

We use the sign for "milk" for nursing. 

She can do "more", but we think she thinks that just means "food" because whenever she signs "more" we are usually at the table and we give her more food.  So I am working on more blocks and more books during playtime and in the bath.

She can do the sign for "baby", and sometimes she rocks so hard she falls over.

If she hears someone say "please" she will make that sign.

And her newest one, that she just started doing today, is "book":

So, I didn't clean out the basement, finish painting the bedroom, work on the master bathroom, or buy new appliances this summer, but I did manage to teach my toddler some sign language.


Funky Mama Bird said...

Hey, I think that's a great accomplishment. We've only just started with a few signs, and I'm pretty sure he signed "milk" at me tonight. Or maybe he was just gesturing at the cup and saying that it would be awesome in his hand just then. I don't know.

Lori said...

Now we need photos of her showing us her nose, ears, tongue, cheeks and ears - cause she's just so adorable when she show you. Love my girl!

MommieV said...

Do you have any idea how long it took me to get these? But you're right, we need one with her sticking her finger in her eye.

Serifm said...

I'm away from your blog for a few days, and you punish me by posting a million brilliant thoughts and these ragingly cute photos? I should stray more often...

hopefulcc said...

She's brilliant!
And I love the new blog look :)

Billy said...

Amazing! Love that she can tell you her needs.
I was/am thinking of doing baby sign language, introducing about two new at a time. Had two first words I was thinking of, but can't seem to be able to attend to her plus do the sign. oh well..