Thursday, August 26, 2010

The Stash

No, not our diaper stash.  It hasn't changed much from the last time I posted photos.

Our BabyLegs stash.

See, BabyLegs has been having sales all summer.  I managed to resist the really awesome 4th of July sale.  But when she was offering 50% off, I couldn't refuse.

I used the excuse that I was "stocking up" for fall and winter.  But when this last order came in, I realized that my little basket where I keep her 'legs ...

Was no longer big enough.

So I got them all out, organized them, took a photo

And then realized that there are still two pairs that don't appear here.

The stack to the far left are ones we had last winter.  Stack #2 is from the Babylegs Cool collection - they are a light mesh fabric.  Stack #3 are four pairs of Supersoft - and they are PLUSH.  Can't WAIT for a nice cool fall day to try these on her.  The next-to-last stack are all new, bought this summer on clearance and during the 50% off sale, but it's been too hot to put them on her.  The last stack are two pairs from the holiday collection.

Once I folded them all, they all fit well into the basket.

Until a pants-less toddler strolled by and started playing.

Can't wait for cooler weather!


FruitFish said...

Those are soooo adorable, especially the toddler browsing her selection. I bought two pair already. But went ahead and used the very logical reasoning of I can use them on my nieces. Had the baby try on a pair and what a hoot, they were tooooo big. But on her 2 year old skinny legged sister, too freakin' adorable for words!
Gotta say I'm in love with those supersoft, I'd love a pair for myself ;) (and a full size adult pair ;) )

MommieV said...

I have totally thought about sewing a bunch of supersoft ones together to make me a pair of leggings.

That I would wear all winter, but never out of the house, so I would have to hibernate like a bear.

Except I'm a single mama and have to work.

But it's a good thought.

Their new line now has some newborn sized ones. I bought some as a gift for a family member's upcoming shower (hope she's not reading or I just gave it away) and they seem to be a good "baby" size.

The ones that I bought at Target are smaller too, about the same size as the newborn ones. One of my previous posts (see the Babylegs tag) has a photo comparing the lengths to the Target ones if you're interested. Those might go better on the baby.

Laraf123 said...

I like the cow print ones! I have a stash of brand new clothes for the boys. I keep them in their 3 closets and in boxes in the garage. Now Liam has hand-me-downs AND new stuff. It's crazy!

MommieV said...

I wish I still had the cow print diaper to put the diaper and the BL on her together and take a pic. I might have to find us another cow print diaper to do that.

BL has added alot of more boyish prints, especially with their Adventureland collection this fall.