Monday, August 2, 2010

One Semester Ago

This morning, Wee One goes back to daycare while I prepare to start my fall semester.  Last January she started daycare for the first time on a very similar day. 

The day before, mom came to sit with the Wee One so I could clean and do laundry and get organized.  They spent the day watching football.  Or, sleeping, whichever.

Both of us had outfits laid out and ready.  Mine:


To celebrate our daycare saying "yes" to using cloth diapers, we decided to wear our really cool cow print diaper on the first day.  They were so appreciative, they later threw it away.

Her bag was packed:

 A cooler with containers of breast milk.  A bottle, even though she's never taken one a day in her life.  And a sippy cup, which at 4 months she was starting to take on a somewhat regular basis.  I figured she was bound to take one of them.  Oh, and I was showing up at lunchtime to nurse.

Here's the daycare girl in the morning, ready to start her new adventure:

This year, she's walking, has tons of teeth, and is ready to start a new chapter in her daycare adventure.  I'll be sure take more photos!!!


Funky Mama Bird said...

Isn't it shocking how much they change in such a short period of time? And that cow print diaper rocks; it so totally sucks they threw it away!

Laraf123 said...

What? They originally said "no" to cloth diapers? What? They threw this one away? Why would they even think that was ok?

Hope all went well today!

hopefulcc said...

I love that you will always have this history to show your little girl when she's older. It's so precious! And clearly shows how much she is loved.

MommieV said...

Lara - they had said yes to cloth diapers - but only if they were "one piece" diapers. I had been using prefolds and covers, so I had to buy new diapers for daycare, and this was one of them. I noticed it missing (it was our only cow print diaper, after all) and when I asked about it, they said they "hoped" it hadn't "accidentally" gotten thrown away, but you know, "things happen sometimes".

Hopeful - I had a post like this in mind when I originally took the photos, I just hadn't started the blog yet. I'm glad I did, so I can keep all these stories for her when she's older.