Monday, September 20, 2010


I didn't have a meltdown yesterday.  So I'm actually doing Make It So Monday on, yes, Monday.  Amazing.

Make it So Monday

I wrote last week about painting the bathroom.  Getting this bathroom painted was the first step in a long line of dominoes.  I had two boxes of "bathroom stuff" sitting in my bedroom, waiting to be unpacked.  In order to unpack them, I needed to finish painting and figure out some sort of organizing solution for two tiny bathrooms and a tiny hall closet.  Once I got the bathroom stuff put away, I could get my bedroom cleaned up.

The final picture of the bathroom:

Some storage under the sink, also:

Other items were stored in the hall closet, which is located somewhat between the two bathrooms:

I didn't plan well when starting the organizing.  I thought these drawers were a great idea, except they didn't fit.  So, baskets it is.

What to do with the extra drawers?  Oh, I can get rid of that box (leftover from moving almost a year ago) that I use as a catch-all for sippy cups and lids and baby bowls in the kitchen.  Awesomness.

Speaking of the kitchen, are you ready for the "after" photos?

The floor :)

New stove :)  I'm still looking for a small microwave cart or something for this empty space.

Floor is done, new appliances are in, and I have been a cooking fiend for two days.

And since all of that is done, I can finally clean my bedroom for once.  Since I was on a buying spree anyway, why not a new comforter and bedskirt and sheets for the bed too?

So now I'm seriously broke.  But, the kitchen has a new tile floor, new appliances, and a place for sippy cups.  Both bathrooms are organized, and the bedroom looks comfy cozy.

Betsy is right, it does make you feel pretty amazing to make changes in your surroundings!


Cajun Cutie said...

Changes can be invigorating! Your remodel projects look great. Keep up the good work. (ICOMLEAVWE)

Funky Mama Bird said...

You beat me to my own meme this week! =)

I love the kitchen - it came out great! We're in the process of organizing our bathroom, and are thinking about baskets. It's nice to see it in action!

Anonymous said...

Your house is giving me that serene "I'm on vacation and someone else is doing all the work" feeling. Awesomeness. Come over and organize my nursery, k?

hopefulcc said...

Your bathroom looks beautiful! Well done. It must feel so good to have it done :)
I loooove to organize. The Container Store is my crack house. (Seriously. It's a problem.)

MommieV said...

Unfortunately I never even organized my own nursery, so you're on your own for that one, anon!

Where I used to live there was an Organized Living. I made a guy take me there on a first date once. We didnt go out again. Probably a good thing. I did go back to the Organized Living, tho. ALOT.

Mama Bear said...

it all looks great!!!

Mon said...

The house looks great. I need to tile my kitchen floor too - after putting in a new kitchen er...12mths ago. The kitchen itself was a big job and the floor is coming!
Anyhow, it is nice to meet you and lovely to view your home.
PS I love comments too - so if you feel so inclined please feel drop by and share one.

Project Baby said...

I love everything you did to your home. The bathrooms look great. and your bed looks so comfy.

Kathleen said...

here from ICLW - i LOVE LOVE LOVE getting organized and having a fresh start. we just redid our bathroom recently and its made world of difference, not just physically, but also menatlly/energetically.

April said...

It all looks wonderful!


Anonymous said...

Oh. My. God. This is so awesome! Your house looks amazing, and I can only dream of being that organized! Go girl! xxx

Suzy said...

ooh I'm jealous - I am still knee deep in renovations :(
Yours all looks so lovely!

Sarah said...

I love doing upgrades to our home! Makes me love it all over again :)


Sarah S said...

the place looks great!!! I love how you have organized the bathroom!!!

ICLW #100

Flucky Mom said...

Isn't it amazing how great you feel after re-organizing your living spaces. I know it's one of my favorite ways to deal with stress. Although these days I hardly find the time to "de-stress" but the other day I organized my closet and that felt great.

Deanna said...

It's so true how one project holds up the others. (And then the feeling of being overwhelmed slaps me in the face.) But once you get rolling, it sure makes a difference - everything looks so nice, is more functional, and it's much easier to find everything because it's actually organized. Dominoes is a great way to explain it.
Happy ICLW!