Thursday, September 9, 2010

On The Waiting List

The college where I teach has a number of vocational and technical programs. One of which is an Early Childhood Education program designed to lead to various levels of certification for early childhood caregivers – childcare workers, directors, etc. As part of that program, they have a laboratory preschool run by the faculty of the program and staffed by some of the students as coursework for the program. There was a similar program at the college where I previously worked (and for a short time, that program was in the division I chaired, so I learned much more about accreditation of early childhood programs than I ever wanted to know – at that time.)


A new building has opened on campus, and with it, the shuffling of a number of programs into different, bigger spaces. The childcare program is moving to a different space, and (here’s irony for ya) they are renovating that space for Biology labs for *guess who* to teach labs in. But because of that moving and renovating, for about a year, the childcare program will be RIGHT DOWNSTAIRS from the lab and classroom where I currently teach.

Also? It will cost me about $300 less a month than what I pay now for daycare.

The only downside to all this is that, since they are NAEYC accredited, they do not accept children until they are two-and-a-half. Which means we have about a year to go.

But, a year from now, there will be a preschool right downstairs from where I teach. The Wee One and I can walk into our school together.

I can’t wait.

I was at a work event a few weeks ago with a colleague whose son attends the preschool program. I was asking how she liked it, and indicated that I’d like to send the Wee One when she is old enough. She recommended that I call immediately to get on the wait list. I had assumed that they give faculty and staff of the college some consideration in placement, but they don’t really do that.

So I called today, and she’s on the wait list. For preschool. Yay!

And did I mention that it will be right downstairs from where I teach?


Jellybean Mama said...

That's awesome! OMG how great will that be, to have her so close? Congrats! Fingers crossed that by the time she's ready she'll have no problem getting in.

Funky Mama Bird said...

That is awesome! I hope her name comes up the minute she's old enough!

Serifm said...

Does the application process involve headshots? Cause they'll take one look at her cuteness and admit her.

Billy said...

That's really great!