Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Daycare is STILL a Petri Dish.

(Post title is in reference to this previous post.)

She is ON an antibiotic.  The third one.  A powerful one.  It seems to be working, she isn't pulling on her ear anymore.  And my throat feels a whole lot better, so she must not have whatever she was giving me anymore.

Today, I pick her up at daycare.  They are out on the playground in the blazing hot sun (um, Mother Nature, it's the end of September.  80 degrees, really?  In the Midwest?  Seriously, get a clue.)  Her caregiver tells me that a little while earlier my wee one laid down on the ground like she wasn't feeling well, and felt "a little warm".  But it could be from playing outside.

Nope.  Fever of 102.8.  When we got home.  After being in the air conditioning in the car in traffic on the way home.

I called her doctor's office 12 minutes before they closed.  Hi, remember me, the one with the snotty screeching (but adorably precious) baby.  You know, the one with all the hair.  Ya, she's been on this antibiotic for 6 days and now has a fever of 102.  Suggestions?

She has probably picked up something viral, maybe from daycare, the pleasant Medical Assistant tells me.  (This is the same one I talked to last Friday that heard the coughing in the background.)  She suggested Tylenol and a bath to bring down the high fever, and alternate with Motrin.  We did Tylenol at 5:00, Motrin at 6:30, and she was still a little warm when I put her to bed at 7:30.

I'm going to freaking hire a nanny with the strongest immune system ever to have her cared for at home.  I'm tired of all these freaking diseases and sicknesses.  It seems like she's the only one getting sick - nobody else was out with pinkeye, nobody else was running a fever today.

In better news, I totally figured out how to create a Wimba classroom on Blackboard and record audio over a Powerpoint presentation, and archive it for students to watch.  I felt like a rock star when I left work today.  It's not my best work - I spent an hour going through the presentation the first time, then realized that I wasn't recording the archive.  Nice.  The second time, knowing I had to leave to go get the girl, I rushed through it a little.  Oh well, they have a little pause button if they think it goes too fast.

So I'm going to try to supplement my powerpoints for my hybrid class with some online presentations using Wimba in Blackboard, and see if that helps the complaints I've been fielding about the hybrid format.

Meanwhile, I'm afraid it might end up being a long night, so I'm headed to bed early. 

Betsy - I saw your question about table height in the comments.  I'm gonna measure for you.  Just not tonight :)


Laraf123 said...

It's just awful when little ones get one bug after another. This happened to my Henry when he was 11 months old. It was like 2 steps forward, one step back. We were on several different antibiotics after he ended up with pneumonia. He did eventually build up a good immune system. Hang in there.

lunablue said...

yes, nannies are amazing people...*cough*

Funky Mama Bird said...

Take your time on the measurements!

I have to tell you, even keeping her home won't totally protect her. We had the kid laying down at the library because he was sick, who got my kid AND my husband (which was totally worse) sick. And then we had the kid laying down at gymnastics because he was sick who got my kid sick the second he was over thing one. And I totally kept him home from gymnastics the week before to avoid being THAT parent, the one that brings their sick kid someplace optional. Grrr...

So what I'm saying is, toddlers love to share germs. Unless you keep her in a bubble, every time you venture out she'll get something. Mostly because the parents are too ass hatty to keep their snotty kid home from AN OPTIONAL ACTIVITY.

Although they say kids in daycare have stronger immune systems and fewer colds when they get older, so I hope for your sake that's true!

Jellybean Mama said...

Nanny = worse (apologies to lunablue who may be a nanny). For the single working mommy, unless you have some sort of superhero nanny, they are going to get sick. And then they don't come take care of your child. That is bad. Also, if they have children, their children will get sick, and they'll have to take time off from caring for your child to care for theirs.

I am going through this agony right now as well. Jellybean is on her final day of her antibiotic (all the cool kids are doing it), and woke up all congested and grumpy and snotty. The other kids at her caregivers have it - their parents are teachers, who bring them all the newest and most exciting illnesses, which then are given to JR. I had the debate in my head this morning about what to do, but keeping her there is the best solution. The snotty, Motrin-y solution.

Hope your bundle feels better.

lunablue said...

I have been a live-out nanny, and I am probably about to get a job and move across the country and be a live-in nanny, which means even if I'm sick, I'm there. Also no kids of my own. And pretty good immune system, but I never went to day care. And yeah, nannies are as good as they are, some they are awesome like me, and some are kind of scary.