Wednesday, September 29, 2010

The Table and Chair Arrived

The table and chair are here! 

And can I say ... I TOTALLY LOVE THEM.  She seems to like them too.

I bought them from Amazon, but they still shipped directly from TAG.  Shipping was like $21, so add that to the amount when you budget.  Amazon only sold table and chair as a set, for $105 plus shipping.  I trust Amazon more than the unknown company, so I went with that.

However, I would recommend you go ahead and order through TAG.  That way you can buy table and chair separately.  Because you're probably going to want to get a little higher seat height for the chair.  And since the order fulfillment is done by that company anyway, it just cuts out the middleman.

The chair that comes with the set has a 6-inch seat height.  My girl is tiny, and it's borderline between just right and a tad too low a seat height for her.  It will be good for smaller toddlers just learning to walk, though.  If you order directly from TAG you can choose from 6, 7, or 8-inch seat height.  Still just right for the toddler group, but possibly one that won't be TOO short very soon, as ours looks like.  If I had my preference, I'd opt for the 7- or 8-inch seat height.  But she didn't seem to mind at all.

Assembly is simple: the chair comes already assembled, and is very sturdy and solid.  The table comes flat-packed, so you have to screw the legs on.  I was so impatient to get it put together, so it was kindof torturous to have to screw legs on.  (I know, First World Problem.)

Now, when it came time for dinner, I was going to let her eat at her table, but she wanted into her highchair.  She also tried to climb onto the table, so I had to tell her that we don't climb on the table.  But she really seemed to love getting up and sitting down over (and over and over and over).

It's a big hit with Mommie and the Wee One!

And now my kitchen re-do is really complete.

On another note, when you're washing dishes, and your back is turned, and it gets reeeealy quiet?  You're probably going to turn around to something like this:


Jellybean Mama said...

Love it! I've ordered the book racks (after great deliberation, from Amazon) for the playroom and cannot WAIT. Hopefully it will motivate me to finish painting.

Little chairs and tables are so freaking cute.

Serifm said...

These are like, Scandinavian cute. Love them!

Funky Mama Bird said...

Is the table tall enough to have a higher seat? Because my kid is TAAALLL, weighs about 5lbs, but is wicked freaking tall, so we would need the higher seat - I want to make sure his knees are bumping the underside of the table if we go for the 9 inch seat.

I do love that table, though - it would totally fit right in here and I am totally planning on getting it in a few months.

Esperanza said...

I loved that last picture. Amazing!

Esperanza @