Thursday, September 30, 2010


I have been in a mooooooooooood this week.  See Monday for the road rage, yesterday for the bitching about a sick baby, and today for, well, this I guess.

I think it's my hormones.

Like, having a baby wacked my body out in more ways than one.  I'm now so completely addicted to caffiene-free coke I can barely function at times. 

But it REAAAAAAAALLLYYY seemed to wack out my hormonal ... stuff.

(Okay, I'm done being annoying with the drawn out vowel words.  Probably.)

Of course my periods were slow to return, and irregular in the beginning, because I was nursing.  Over the summer they became more regular.  Which totally sucked, because I loved (see, I didn't do the thing) not menstruating.  And when Aunt Flo did come visit, it was horrible.  I mean, like, have to change sheets in the middle of the night, wish your uterus would fall out so it would no longer be attached, how much ibuprofen can I take in 24 hours, why won't I just die and get it over with kind of horrible.  With a facial disfigurement some might call "severe acne" and a mood to match the whole shebang.  And they were longer than before too, so it didn't all go away in a day or two like before.

But it least it was all contained to a week or so.

This month, it seems the mood came earlier and decided to stay.  I've been angry, snarky, irritable, exhausted, weepy, distracted, unorganized, and blah.  The only thing I've managed to stay on top of is cleaning my kitchen, because for some insane reason that's helped me feel normal for the last week.

Monday was the road rage thing.  Tuesday I yelled at my class for cheating.  Today I was just snarky - there was a guy in class trying to hit on another girl.  He was sitting behind her and kept whispering to her to make her laugh.  At first I gave him a glare.  Then I totally stopped lecture and said "do the two of you have a question I can answer?".  He turned red.  I let the silence hang for a moment before starting again.  He behaved the rest of class.  While I shouldn't have to do that, given that I teach ADULTS for a living, it just added to my laundry list of stuff to be pissed off about.

Its pretty long at this point.

So ... suggestions are welcome.  Should I see a gyno and ask for birth control?  Can you take BCP while you're nursing (because with The Sick, the weaning is out the window.)  That will probably help with the cramps and the midnight sheet changing, but will it help the Bitch From Hell-ness?  I have this fantastic plan to record yoga shows on my DVR and then try to teach my Wee One to do yoga in the living room.

Stop laughing.

I'm going to try some deep breathing. 

I need a coke.

How can you be snarky at her?  Wait until she screams.  Right in your ear.


Lara said...

I don't have any answers or suggestions. Just complete empathy. After having my twins every month since they completely weaned it seems to get worse emotionally. If you figure it out please pass it on!!

Funky Mama Bird said...

You can take camila while you BF - it's safe but not the greatest at actually preventing pregnancy, although I'm sure that's probably not your goal just now. =)

Pregnancy helped straighten out my awful cramps and horrendous bleeding, but I'm now dealing with some other fallout.

It also could be that nursing is messing with your hormones, still and it will until you finally do get to the point where she's weaned. No idea - I had to stop abruptly at 8 weeks or so and pretty much immediately got my period back in 5 seconds.

Hope you find the answer!

Serifm said...

See a gyno and have her check ALL your hormone levels. I'm gonna guess your testosterone is high and there are things they can do to help. :-)

MommieV said...

S - that's a good point. When I had seen the fertility specialist before I got preggo, my testosterone was high then. My guess is that's still a problem.