Wednesday, September 15, 2010

The Universe Has Me On Speed Dial

Okay, so I'm in the groove: I'm feeling all proud of myself that the Wee One is occupied watching a video while I'm putting together this fabulous thing for my bathroom:

She's quiet, she's leaving me alone, and I'm GETTING SOMETHING ACCOMPLISHED.

It's amazing!  Life is good!

Then, in a moment while I am just finishing, she dumps over part of a bottle of water and the rest of a can of coke.

While I am cleaning that up, she pulls all the wipes out of a wipes container.  I find this out by slipping on one and almost cracking my head open.

I stuff all the wipes back into the wipes container as I hear her banging with the Swiffer on the tv.  Hoping to God that the tv doesn't fall on her and crush her in the 20 seconds it takes me to get to her, I realize ...

The Universe enacts swift justice.  I was so smug only 5 minutes before that she was occupied quietly and I was accomplishing my task. 

The moral of the story: be careful about feeling smug.  Life with a toddler changes in an instant.

Also: Ms. Tomlin has her eye on me for sure.


I have lost about 7 hours worth of work time in the last two days.  My mom called yesterday to tell me that she thought C was developing pinkeye.  I had time between my morning and afternoon classes to take her to the doctor, who confirmed both pinkeye and an ear infection (her first ever, so I count myself lucky.)  My mom went with us, since she was taking C with her while I went and taught my later class.

The doc said to keep her home from daycare today, so my mom watched her this morning while I went to do my classes.  Since it wasn't a day that my mom usually watches her, and since I knew she had stuff to do, I left after my morning classes and came home to spend the afternoon with her.

Which actually was great, because when I realized she wasn't going to nap, we went shopping, and bought a baby shower gift and a new stove for the kitchen.

However, that means that all the work that I usually do on Tuesdays between my classes and on Wednesdays because I don't have afternoon classes didn't get done.  I've missed a deadline for some committee work, have a huge stack of exams to grade (that I told them I'd give back ... tomorrow ... yikes), and I didn't really clean the lab very well after the exam today, so I'm hoping the adjunct doesn't hate me too much when I go in tomorrow.

However, it's 9:15p, and sleep sounds so much better to me than any of the other stuff that I need to be doing, so I'm afraid that it's going to win.


Final note: Shhhhh, don't tell my Wee One, but she hasn't nursed in almost 24 hours.  The last time she nursed was when she woke up at 1:00 this morning and I wanted her to go back to sleep.  I've been a little "full" today, but nothing too uncomfortable.  I'm hoping that she doesn't decide to nurse 12 times tomorrow to make up for it.  She's been nursing around twice a day now for a little while.  But I'm kindof random about it.  If she's insistent, I'll nurse her at pickup from daycare.  Or if I'm afraid she's going to throw a fit getting into the carseat, I'll sit and nurse her briefly in the car.  Sometimes she makes it all the way home before she insists.  But she eats more at dinner when she doesn't nurse beforehand, so I've been trying to hold her off and see if I can delay her.  At least it worked today.


No, this is really the final thing.  What do ya'll think about this?  I have room in my dining room for a small table for her.  I'm thinking about this one.  It will work for dining as well as playing/art/etc.  I'm thinking it might be a space where she can be occupied while I cook dinner.  On my new stove.  (Imsofreakingstokeditsnotfunny.)


lunablue said...

love it. you guys are the cutest. have you seen the little tables where the table top is a chalk board?

FruitFish said...

Not the Coke! The water, well that's okay knock that over, but not mommy's little addiction ;) I kid.
Pink eye and ear infection, poor little girl :(
A new stove--I'm totally jealous! You'll have to tell me what kind you got and how well it works for you. (Mine are two separate units and that's too expensive to try to replace. The oven is done and though the stove range works, I need to get one unit. It'll help update the kitchen anywho!)
I love that little chair and table, they are adorable!
Hope you get some good sleep tonight!

Laraf123 said...

I love that table and chair! What a great idea and it will look like real furniture unlike brightly-colored molded plastic stuff that doesn't match anything. It looks very sturdy too. Love the title of this post!

Funky Mama Bird said...

I must have that table. MUST. I can park it next to my desk so Gunne Bear can "work" while I do.

I am accomplishing absolutely nothing today. I have a migraine, Gunne is sick and clingy and I have a mountain of work to do that didn't get done yesterday because a)sick toddler was clingy, and b) it was the 15th of September which meant I spent hours figuring out and paying my quarterly taxes.

I'm thinking the universe is just to get us all this week, regardless of bragging rights!

Adventures In Babywearing said...

It's adorable!!


MommieV said...

lunablue ... what an awesome idea. I hadn't even thought about a chalkboard table.

FMB - expensive. Table is $70 and chair is $40 and I have not even begun to ask the question "how much for shipping". They have similar chairs at our daycare, which is what made me start the search. They are getting me a catalog of another brand to look at also, but the director thought this would be a better deal.

I'm hoping the wood gives it some resale value in the end. Depends on how much we destroy it.

Serifm said...

"Like private parts to the gods we are; they play with us for their sport." Blackadder