Saturday, September 11, 2010

My Baby Can Read!

OK, so not so much "read" as much as "recognize". 

We have the book Bubbles Bubbles, which repeats that word twice at the beginning of each page.  We have the book Mama Mama, which repeats that word twice at the beginning of each page.

I guess all that repetition helps!

(Sorry the vids are so dark.  It was bedtime, you know.)

Reading 1 from mommy v on Vimeo.

Reading 2 from mommy v on Vimeo.

Reading 3 from mommy v on Vimeo.


After like 100 days of record breaking heat, it was finally cool enough today for ....



Yes, Betsy, we like to play with shoes around here too.


Funky Mama Bird said...

That is an awesome looking shoe!

I broke out the babylegs yesterday for Gunne to wear to gymnastics. I got many comments on his, um, colorful outfit! =)

FruitFish said...

Oh how sweet to hear wee one talking :) My mom used to babysit when I was young and one of the little girls had totally memorized this book her mom read to her every night. She knew exactly when to turn the page and could "read" it to us. We would play in the back yard and describe one of the pictures to us and she would recite the wording that went with it. I sure hope that memory is serving her well now in college :)
However, I don't remember her actually recognizing any of the words that she was repeating--so kudos to you wee one :) And mommy too!

Laraf123 said...

So much fun to share these ordinary but oh, so special times!