Tuesday, September 21, 2010

What A Girl Wants

(No, not another post about that.)

So, all you single mamas out there, (and the not-so-single-mamas-too) (and mamas-to-be too, I count ya'll as mamas already) ...

What would you like to hear about from a single mama's perspective on a collaborative blog?

I have had an invitation to write contributing posts for Our Mommyhood.  Of course I said yes, this means I'm famous and fabulous and famulous and everything.  I love writing about being a single mama, and this will be a wider audience, more fabulous mommies to meet.  It will be the epitome of awesomeness.

But, as my first deadline creeps closer, I find myself with a hard core case of writer's block.

I don't have that when I write here.  Because this is truly about me, my little one, our life.  It's the good, bad, and ugly, chronicled day-by-day.  I don't have to care if you like it - some mamas that can relate keep coming back for more, and those that don't move on.  That keeps me from being afraid to talk about personal topics, mundane topics, and my daughter's naked behind.

(The thing is, I do care.  I've met some cool mamas since I've been writing, and I have gotten to know them through their writing also.  It's a great little community developing.  Also the epitome of awesomeness.)

But when writing for a collaborative site, I am having a hard time figuring out what to say ... and how to say it.  If the token Single Mama shows up and is all like "I'm here and I'm Single and you all just need to understand how hard this shit is"... who wants to hear that?  Or do they?

So, I'm asking YOU ... what would you like to hear about from a Single Mother's perspective?  And I'll try to keep the attitude moderated.  If there is a topic I've discussed here before that you think would be appreciated by a wider audience, let me know and I can rework it.  If there is a topic that hasn't been discussed, let me know you're interested.  Single Mamas - what would you like for non-single-mamas to know about our lives?  Non-Single-Mamas, what would you like to hear about from our perspective?

I thought about just jumping into the first post with all the details about my known donor situation, but I'm still not sure how much of that I really want to reveal, so that's the only thing that I think will be off-limits for now.  So shoot from your hip - what would you like to hear about?

'Cuz I'm not sure my editor would like for me to post multiple photos of a naked toddler a$$.  I think she was looking for a little more ... substance.


Stefanie said...

I really liked reading this post. I can't really give you input into what a single mom should say, but I like the fact that you shared so much!

~Stopping by for ICLW #69

Lacie said...

I love your blog.

Thanks for all of the cloth diapering advice! I just read through those posts and found them to really helpful. I am not yet a mom but I am preparing for my FET (#3) of my adopted embryos on October 6th. Thanks for including us "not yet mamas" in your list of moms! I appreciate that!

As a single mom, perhaps you could talk about what your day looks like. How do you fit it all in. Just breastfeeding or cloth diapering alone will intimidate most moms, no matter how much help they have. Even when I mention cloth diapering, the experienced moms around me snicker, like they can't wait to see me swimming in a sea of disposables! So, how do YOU make it ALL work? That would be what I would want to read from a single, working mom like you!

Looking forward to following!

Miss Ruby said...

Great blog!

Sorry can't give you any answers tho re this post!

rach @ the miss ruby

Funky Mama Bird said...

We like substance around here. ;)

Honestly, whatever you want to write about is fine. Although we are in need of a Mommy Must Have post for October if the mood grabs you. Is there a particularly good book you found in your search you would recommend to others? Or maybe a product or service that you use that would benefit others?

But honestly, I love your writing and I'm sure whatever you turn in will be great - otherwise I never would have asked you to join us. =)

Candace P said...

As a single mom I am always wondering if it just me that is going crazy, trying to stay organized and have it all together. I love reading about the real stuff that makes me realize maybe I am not the only one. I also love to hear about anything about raising kids!

Serifm said...

I'd like to read a post about Things You Shouldn't Say to Single Moms. It could be really funny, and also a PSA to prevent other mommies from ending up on Snapped.