Wednesday, September 15, 2010

The Last Room To Be Painted

Take a deep breath, close your eyes, and pretend it's Monday.

It's not Monday, isn't it Wednesday?

Yes, but pretend its Monday.

Why are we pretending its Monday, Mondays suck!

I know, but don't think about the sucky part of Monday, think about the part of Monday that is full of promise, when you start with a clean slate, and you think you're going to be productive ...

Why are we imagining it's Monday again?

Because Funky Mama Bird has a Make It So Monday meme going on, but I was too busy having a freaking meltdown, and then covering it up with cute pictures of my Wee One, to talk about the fact that I painted my freaking bathroom this weekend.  Well, I got the walls done.  I still need some touch-up on the trim.  And the blob I got on the ceiling.  I'll call it my Work-In-Progress Wednesday.

Make it So Monday

(But I'll still use her button!)

It's apparently all the rage this week, this painting thing.  Betsy started it with her allergy to anything even vaguely vanilla.  But then I saw that DaMomma painted her bedroom. 

How do these women freaking do this?  Paint rooms with a toddler in the house?  Seriously?  I've been trying to finish this damn bathroom for almost a year now.  Oh, that's right, they have other people in their house that can entertain their toddler.  That explains it.  Tanis also wrote a post this week about painting.  She has a dog problem that sounds about like my toddler problem.  Jellybean Mama is still my hero, though.  She has a playroom project that is still ongoing, kinda like my bathroom project.  Single Mamas Unite!

It's enough to make my grey!  Oh, wait, that's green.  Canary Grass, actually.

I have very little storage in the bathroom.  So I bought some storage stuff.  But I can't put the storage stuff together and in the bathroom until the wall were finished.  And I had run out of paint.  So my mother helped me by (a) getting me another quart of paint, and (b) watching the Wee One for the morning while I painted, showered, and then ate ice cream for lunch to celebrate.

I have a hard time accomplishing things when the Wee One is in the house.  To shower I have to ply her with food and Baby Einstein.  She always wants to be nearby to mommie.  I was very afraid of how this would go with a tray of paint in a very tiny room.
I'll help with the toilet paper, mommie!

Did I say very tiny?  I meant ... whatever might be smaller than very tiny.

I had started this project last fall when I moved into the house.  This room seems to have not been painted since 1945 (funny, because the house wasn't built until the 60s) because the walls just suck in the paint like the Thirsty Monster.  So I ran out of paint, and it's been "in progress" ever since.

Until this weekend, that is.

But it looks relatively even, and appears that I did a decent job!

Once the trim and touch-up is done, we'll be in business.  I'm hoping it doesn't take me another 10 months to do that!


MommieV said...

So, in that last photo, the wallpaper border that is bleeding through? That will be covered up by fake crown molding, one day. So the "relatively even" comment doesn't apply to that "NOT relatively even" spot.

Funky Mama Bird said...

Here's how I paint in our house: I tell The Viking that he has to watch Gunnar. He says yes, but then I shut the door to the room I'm painting, and you can hear a tiny hand holding a wooden block steadily bang the door for an hour while a tiny voice goes, "Mama. Mama. MaaaaaMaaaaaa..." And then he takes a nap for 3 hours (banging is exhausting!) and I finish painting.

I start painting his room next week. Please tell me how I'm going to paint when I can't do it during nap time? I'm kind of freaked!

And I LOVE the color of the bathroom. =)

MommieV said...

It didn't take me very long to do this tiny room at all - I totally could have done it during a naptime. I was just afraid that the one day I decided to paint would be the one day she wouldn't nap for very long.

Does he nap okay in your bed? Could you transplant him to your room for a day or two - long enough to paint? Or maybe The Viking needs to take him on a hike or something so he's not banging on the door and you can paint in peace. It's a lovely thing, really.